Broome police: Target Harden your business and don't become a victim of property crime this Summer

Written on the 16 November 2016 by Jael Napper

December 2015 to January 2016, 41 Commercial Premises were impacted by property crime in Broome. 17 burglary offences and 24 stealing offences.

In a meeting with Superintendent of Kimberley District Office of Police at the airport just prior to my departing for Perth, we discussed the issues of seasonal property crime over the holiday season and what could be done to address it.

"I'm trying really hard to address the route of young offenders who under the current system are being sent to Perth for detention effectively sending them to crime school," He says.

These kids return to Broome having socialised with some of the best in their 'trade' learning more sophisticated ways to conduct crime and cover their tracks.

The Good Cartel was recently shocked at the level of sophistication in a recent break and enter of their café, with the young offenders removing their CCTV cameras before taking $8,000 worth of equipment.

Jack Kain, owner of The Good Cartel said it wasn't just the equipment that they need to replace, but a whole day's trading which adds further thousands to their bottom line loss.  "We've got to look at a streamlined state initiative that positive rehabilitates these kids," He says.

At Parliament House Shadow Minister of Corrective Services Paul Papalia raised the correlation of offenders with drug usage.  "WA has double the national average of ice usage and a lot more could be done such as increased funding for rehab beds which is currently nowhere near enough."

In a study he authored in 2013 it showed that 70% of people in the prison system had used meth amphetamines within last 12 months. 

"We need to reduce drug use which leads to reduction in offending, and damage across system -  the corrective services budget is $1billion recurrent."

While efforts are being made to address the big issue of drugs and petty crime in the state, Broome businesses are called on to look after their own back yard through a few measures which should reduce the likelihood of their becoming a target.

  1. Broome Police are asking all business proprietors leading into what is historically the busiest period for this type of offending to 'target harden' their premises by doing the following:
  2. Ensure CCTV systems are functional. i.e. they are on, cameras are working and focussed on points of entry and activity areas.
  3. Alarms are functional. i.e they are on, sensors are operating appropriately, contact details with the alarm monitoring companies are up to date.
  4. When businesses are not in operation all doors and windows are appropriately secured. The use of security lighting is a good deterrent to would-be offenders.
  5. A large number of burglaries are committed using bricks or rocks picked up on the business premises to smash windows. If possible, clear the site of these types of items.
  6. If you are closing the business down over the festive season arrange regular checks of the premises.
  7. To reduce the theft of stock from general retail areas do not display valuable, highly mobile items next to entry door/openings.
  8. There was an increased incidence of charity tins stolen last December/January so some consideration on how those items are better secured would be good.
  9. If you have a monitored alarm and you become aware that it has been activated ring 91940208 or 91940207 immediately you become aware. This is a direct line to Police. This will enable our 24/7 Policing response to be highly reactive to these incidents and increase our chances of catching an offender in the act. THIS NUMBER HAS BEEN MADE AVAILABLE FOR THIS SPECIFIC PURPOSE. ALL OTHER CALLS FOR POLICE ASSISTANCE MUST BE DIRECTED THROUGH 131444.

Author:Jael Napper

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