Broome's IT businesses band together to urge protection from rampant global ransomware viruses

Written on the 28 June 2017

Broome's IT businesses band together to urge protection from rampant global ransomware viruses

Broome's leading IT businesses have collaborated in a campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of cyber crime to local businesses.

In an industry first for the region Leading Edge Computers, Best IT Business Solutions and Eclipse Kimberley (Computers) are banding together to urge all local businesses to protect thenselves against increasing threats of ransomware viruses.  The campaign follows a second round of ransomware viruses which have crippled metropolitan businesses and pose huge threats to local businesses who aren't equipped with appropriate virus protection.

Broome businesses have been affected by Ransomware viruses and some will be subjected to the new mandatory data breaches laws.

Did you know that the number small of businesses falling prey to ransomware viruses have increased at an alarming rate in the last 12 months?

Further, hackers are targeting businesses to gain access to customer details and intellectual property.

Cisco's 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report found that businesses were affected by cyber attacks in the following ways:

Loss of customers: 22% of breached organisations lost customers - 40% of them lost more than 20% of their customer base.
Loss of Revenue: 29% lost revenue, with 38% of that group losing more than 20% of revenue.
Lost business opportunities: 23% of breached organisations lost business opportunities, with 42% of them losing more than 20%
Did you know that your business may need to report on data breaches from February 2018?

From February 2018, it will be mandatory for businesses to report data breaches. This means that Australian businesses need to know where their data is, how it is stored and how it is protected. This also includes use of external service suppliers like Eventbrite.

How can you ensure your business data is safe?

The top 10 things to consider are:
1. Is your network secured with a current firewall?
2. Are your computers patched up to date regularly and are on windows 7 and above?
3. Do you have current and secure (not free) antivirus programs installed on all devices?
4. Do you have a clear understanding of how your data is collected, stored and used and the vulnerabilities of those systems?
5. Is your data being backed up to a secure location? Do you have a backup procedure in place?
6. Identify 'who' in the organisation is responsible for managing data and backups
7. Identify the likelihood and consequence of an eligible data breach.
8. Put in place staff training and security measures to reduce the chance of an eligible data breach.
9. Understand what 'serious harm' could arise if there was a breach.
10. Work out what would need to happen to avoid 'serious harm' and how quickly that could be implemented if there was a breach.
11. Put in place a recovery plan in case of a breach.

Further information can be found at

Best It & Business Solutions, Eclipse Kimberley (Computers) and Leading Edge Computers Broome are local suppliers of security solutions for businesses. Please reach out to any one of these businesses to discuss your security concerns for your business.



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