Ichthys: INPEX hosts Broome aviation logistics briefing at heliport

Written on the 30 May 2017

With Broome a crucial transit point for Ichthys project workers travelling to the field 450km to the north in the Browse Basin, INPEX hosted an aviation logistics briefing for key stakeholders at the Broome heliport last week.

The Ichthys platform has arrived at the field and will now enter the hook-up and commissioning phase expected to take several moonths.  During this phase approximately 2000 workers and 20 vessels (including two floating hotels) will be required to complete the various scopes of work.  As the closest airport to the field, Broome will be the transit point for these workers, with a mojority staying overnight for early morning departures to the Ichthys field.

INPEX and Ichthys project contractors will use both Virgin and Qantas throughout the hook up phase, with no block bookings made to ensure the tourism traveller is not disadvantaged by increased demand on flights throughout the season.  At the briefing they assured regular advance briefings to the airlines about capacity requirements allowing the airlines to pre-empt future capacity and ensure the availability and prices of flights to Broome remain consistent.

With this in mind Broome Chamber CEO is anticipating the benefits of the stimulus that INPEX and its contractors will bring to Broome, with 70 additional people staying overnight in Broome at any given time offering a showcase for what the region offers.

"Catering, transit and accommodation businesses will benefit greatly from this opportunity," Said Jael.

"With Broome playing such a crucial role in this project, we are in close contact with the INPEX to explore further opportunities of how our town can further benefit from the increased traffic and economic opportunities."

INPEX has contracted PHI-HNZ and Bristow to provide helicporters for the Ichthys project, with four flights a day throughout general operations - fluxuating at certain stages.  There will be no regular Sunday schedules, with most flights departing in the early morning however INPEX has committed to ongoing liaison with stakeholders to advise of increasing activity.

To read more about the Ichthys project click here.

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