Shire grants $50,000 toward cruise ships over two years

Written on the 5 April 2016 by Jael Napper

Shire grants $50,000 toward cruise ships over two years

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council last week an application by the Broome Chamber for $50,000 toward the future development of the cruise ship industry in Brome was granted. 

The application, stating a 3-step plan in reference to preparing to become a tier 1 state destination alongside Fremantle, was submitted in consultation with the Broome Visitor Centre and Broome Tourism Leadership Group.

The Minutes of the meeting stated, "It is important to firstly recognise the contribution Cruise Ship visitation currently brings to Broome and more importantly, how this could increase over the coming years with a dedicated effort and focus such as what is being proposed by the Chamber of Commerce. 

"The objective set for Broome by Tourism WA in the Cruise Shipping Strategic Plan, whilst ambitious, will provide significant returns to local businesses and is strongly supported by Officers and undoubtedly the broader community.  

"The main issues to consider regarding how this objective is achieved are; who should coordinate this activity; and who should fund the work required.  These two points are the focus of this report. 

"The Broome Chamber of Commerce has successfully coordinated the Cruise Ship visitation in Broome for a number of years.  Last year, an attempt was made to provide a more active role for the Broome Visitors Centre (BVC) in this process.  This has demonstrated that while BVC has an active role to play in ensuring return visitation of cruise ship patrons to Broome, coordination of the Cruise Ship visitation is best undertaken by one organisation. 

"Furthermore, if the Shire was to coordinate this activity, it would be likely to cost significantly more than a not for profit organisation to undertake. 

"Given the above, Officers support the Broome Chamber of Commerce being the organisation to provide the coordination of Cruise Ship visitation and more importantly, to work towards increasing the number of cruise ships visiting Broome annually to achieve the objective set by Tourism WA.

"In regards to funds to be allocated, previous Council allocations have mainly been provided to coordinate visits once they have arrived and this has been an allocation of $15,000 and $10,000 over the last two financial years.  However, these funds have not provided any capacity for the Chamber or any other organisation to actively work on attracting more cruise ships to town and to establish an ongoing and sustainable operating structure. 

"On this basis, Officers support the application from the Chamber to increase the allocation but recommend Council makes the allocation to the Chamber for this purpose over two financial years.  This would mean an allocation of $25,000 in the 2016/17 FY and a further allocation of $25,000 in the 2017/18 FY. 

"However in making this allocation, Officers recommend Council makes a clear statement that at the end of this time, a tangible, sustainable and ongoing model must be provided that demonstrates industry commitment and funding towards the operations into the future.  To this end, Officers are recommending Council asks the Chamber to provide a report to Council at the end of the two year period demonstrating the following two outcomes:

1.   The work that has been done to increase the number of cruise ships visiting Broome annually towards achieving the objective required by 2020.

2.   The development of a sustainable funded model for servicing cruise ships into the future from both industry and government. 

"With these conditions Officers are recommending funding be provided.  Officers are aware that an application has been made to the Kimberley Development Commission by the Chamber to support Cruise ship visitation and development.  It is recommended that Council offers its strong support for this application. 

"Further to this, it is proposed that any major infrastructure required to meet the objective of being a Tier 1 Cruise Ship destination is referred to the draft Growth Plan currently being prepared for consideration." 

The Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called an initial meeting of stakeholders to be held at the Shire on Wednesday 6 April to start forward planning in both immediate and long term plans.

All business interested in the opportunities that cruise ships bring to Broome are encouraged to be part of these discussions.

The Chamber has committed to publish regular updates on progress as it transpires.

For further information please contact or call 9193 5553.


Author:Jael Napper

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