Shire of Broome election: Tony Hutchinson

Written on the 18 October 2017

Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry

2017 Shire Election Candidate Questionnaire

Name: _Tony Hutchinson

Q. Describe in your own words the core function of the Shire of Broome?
To deliver affordable and quality Local Government service
The function of the Council is to provide good government for residents in the district, which includes the provision of works and services to ensure the health, safety and fulfilment of the local community. Core functions include town planning, maintenance of roads parks and other public areas and assets. Promotion of the town economy and liaison with State and Federal Governments as well as other bodies.

Q. Describe in your own words the core function of a Shire Councillor?
The core function of a Shire Councillor is to support the Shire council in the provision of the above mentioned by asking questions and providing leadership in the community

Q. In the Chamber's recent business survey, 53% of respondents said they do not believe that the Shire is small business friendly.  What do you think the Shire of Broome can do to improve conditions and support for local businesses?
I believe that the Shire of Broome should communicate closely with the local business community directly and through the Chamber of Commerce as they do. In addition they should look at simplifying processes and removing red tape where possible. Reducing rates would assist.

Q.  It is expected that capital works on the Chinatown Revitalisation will be happening for a large part of 2018, what would you do to ensure that the local retailers are not adversely affected by the disruption in the peak trading periods?
Major works should take place outside the main tourism peak periods.

Q.  What's your thoughts on the sealing of Cape Leveque Rd, and do you believe this will change the dynamics of business in Broome and the Dampier Peninsula?
I believe that the sealing of the Cape Leveque road will provide a positive stimulation to both the communities on the Dampier Peninsula and the town of Broome by providing easier access. Impact studies could be done to plan for the increased visitors to the area.

Q. With regard to Cape Leveque Road, what efforts would you like to see in working with Traditional Owners and alleviating red tape - having foresight to put measures in place to help fast track approvals when needed and creating more self-sustainable communities?
I'd like see the approval process streamlined with a liaison officer approved for assisting communities with developing tourism initiatives.

Q. Where do you sit in regards to mining and tourism - How do you perceive the balance of these two industries; 50/50, 70/30, 80/20 etc?
I believe that mining and tourism can coexist in our region and diversity is something we should look to build upon.

Q. What's your opinion on economic growth and development of the future of Broome and the Kimberley?

I believe that Broome should continue to focus on being a logistical hub for the Kimberley.

- A pristine pearl in an azure sea
- Epicenter for 6* sustainability with net positive impact on energy/water/nature as a model for the Indian Ocean rim nations.
- capped population
- Solar energy and food self-reliant
- Affordable housing for all is the goal
- Modest lifestyle and community values higher than consumer lifestyle western marketed values - refreshing and a model that will attract people from worldwide
- retain remaining historic townscape and enhance for tourism and film and television, heritage
- Intellectual and cultural economic development incubator
- Self-reliance economy - investment and job creation in high efficiency renewables technology, plus micro scale high tech food cultivation methods. Bidyadanga has always been a bit self-sufficient - imagine if they went close to 100% as part of a government initiative.
- Film and Television rights/royalties/support teams from Broome for the entire Kimberley - license the visual and cultural rights to the wilderness.
- Regional government services center
- Public Marina/harbor
- Tourism services at full International standards
- Remote experiences the focus of high value low volume tourism - Preserve the 'first footprints' feeling
- Existing energy and resources extraction to continue and be promoted where sustainable
- Aquaculture industry - the imperative is that all feed is locally produced if economically viable

Q. Do you have a plan (or ideas) for lobbying more support from state and federal government?

Continually badger them until we receive the support that we deserve.

Q. On a personal level, why do you live in Broome and what do you love about the Kimberley lifestyle.

I live here because I love the people and the landscape.

Q. What celebrity do you most identify with, and why?

David Wolfe because he is at the cutting edge of healthy living and superfoods.

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